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Conference in Nizhny Novgorod


The scientific conference “Wound: contemporary approach to pathogenesys and treatment” took place on the November, 15-16 in Nizhny Novgorod. Leading specialists from different regions of Russia and other countries took part in this event. More than 300 surgeons attended the conference and got a lot of useful information concerning up-to-date methods of wound treatment. One of the organizers was Russian association “Clean wound” with its head Prof. A. Baindurashvili who presented the status of the problem in Russia and abrroad. This association incorporates surgeons, specialized in different branches, such as traumatology, combustiology, vascular surgery, PAD, diabetic angiopathy, etc. for whom the problem of wound healing is one of the most crucial. The scientific program included sessions on systemic therapy of patients with sepsis, wound healing, diabetic foot, inflammatory lesions of locomotorium, tip and tricks and complications in the treatment of orthopedic patients. Presentations were given by such recognized specialists as Prof. A. Alekseev and Prof. N. Karyakin. The experience in wound treatment was revealed by foreign reporters: Prof. R. Rimdeika (Luthuania), Prof. T. Tamm (Ukraine), Dr. A. Karlbauer and Dr. T. Vild from Austria, Dr. V. Pishot, Dr. Mikhalik and Dr. Radoshevich from Slovenia. The results of introduction into daily practice of innovative approaches to the wound healing were presented such as VAC-therapy. Good results of application of this technique in the treatment of peritonitis were revealed by Dr. Zakharchenko from Emergency Institute by Dzhanelidze (Saint-Petersburg). Leading manufacturers of wound care products were presented at the exhibition.