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Norėdami registruotis į virtualią konferenciją, spauskite čia


Each participant must be registered separately through the EWMA Virtual online registration system

Please register using the correct e-mail of the person attending the virtual conference. Important information and log-in for the virtual conference will be based on and sent to the e-mail address of each participant.

Start the registration process by creating an account. The system will automatically recognize your email address if an account already exists in the system. You can request a password reset if you have forgotten your password.

Registration is a multi-step process. Make sure to follow through to the end.

Once you have logged in to the registration system click the module “Individual Registration”.

  • Choose the participant type “g) Collaboration agreement (code required)” and enter the code 
  • Follow the registration process to the end to complete the registration.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation when the registration is finalized. Please check your SPAM filter if you do not receive it in your regular inbox.