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Congress in Belgrade


Report from First Congress for treatment of chronic wounds with international participation "Chronic wounds, modern therapy-answers"

23-24. XI 2012th Belgrade

From 23-24.XI 2012th in Belgrade was held the First Congress for treatment of chronic wounds in Serbia. Belgrade, a city at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, known for its hospitality, received a 400 Congress participants. Invited teachers were from Denmark, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia experts for the treatment of chronic wounds-professors Finn Gottrup, Elia Ricci, Dubravko Huljev, Rytis Rimdeika, Harald Daum, and Sarah Rowan, while participants were doctors and nurses from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania, from regional countries. Congress was accredited (given a Certificate) of the City Health Council and the Serbian Medical Chamber.

The aim of the Congress was the definition, inicidences, prevalence and etiology of distribution of chronic wounds in Serbia and the degree of application of advances in diagnosis and therapy, standard documentation and the results of treatment. Ultimate goal is laying the groundwork for the establishment of centers for the treatment of chronic wounds

The scientific program of the Congress was contained of multiple sessions:
Plenary Program (Definition of chronic wounds, cause distribution), Chronic venous ulcers, Pressure sores ulcer, Chronic ulcers of unvascular origin, Chronic wounds in dermatology, Acute wounds, Diabetic foot , Organization of the Center for Wound Healing, Inovations in the treatment of  chronic wounds, Burns and injuries at children
The role of nurses in the treatment of chronic wounds.

There were three symposia: Antiseptics in the prevention and treatment of wounds and the prevention of intrahospital infections, Application of topical negative pressure and Application alginate compress with honey.

Also, there were two round tables: Centre for treatment of chronic wounds and procedures in the treatment of infectious chronic wounds.
There were held  four poster sessions - two for doctors and two for nurses.

For the first time the Congress held a panel of patients from the patients' club members and association members of SWHS  and diabetic patients Belgrade. Patients are partners in the treatment of wounds.

During the Congress was set a EWMA stand, in which are divided examplers of magazines EWMA J, 12. No. Vol. 3, October 2012th, organisation in wound healing as well as notices for  23th EWMA Congress, which will take place from 15-17.V 2013th in  Copenhagen. We are honored that  in the Congress were participate six EWMA Council members and they gave a significantly contributing to the Congress.

Scientific Committee has selected 40 expert presentations that were published in supplement of magazine  Wounds. All participants received a CD with all presented  statements.

Within the Congress, there were three courses: Compression therapy in the treatment of chronic wounds, Application of modern local therapy and Application of TNP.

Congress is supported by the 12 pharmaceutical companies - who are innovators and leaders in the promotion of new methods of treatment and diagnosis of chronic wounds. Evaluation paper  pointed to the great interest of the participants and a good answer to Congress.

The main conclusion of the round table and the Congress, in which were participate invited speakers from the several countries is need for further education and cooperation (regional, EWMA), forming the basic guidance for the treatment of wounds, education of experts to treat chronic wounds regardless of specialty, the formation of primary Team for the treatment of wounds, increase of Home care treatment system in chronic wounds. About the organization of treatment centers for healing wounds, for that is need the support of relevant state factors, so the material with the Congress conclusion will be sent to the State Ministry of Health

Also it is our great honore  that in Congress participate member of  EWMA Council-Rytis Rimdeika who gave significantly contribute to the Congress. Dr Rimdeika  held a two lecutures. The first was about Burns in neonate, while the second was about Surgical treatment of Complications Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa.